Growth Engine Accelerator

Using Data to Fuel Rapid Growth

Are you ready to accelerate your revenue growth and deploy your marketing budget with confidence?  

Uncovering what’s really driving your growth (or holding your business back) is one of the best ways to grow more by doing less

With our analytical approach, the Growth Engine Accelerator, you'll be shown where to focus your efforts and invest your marketing budget to maximize growth. You'll spend less time debating and more time executing with confidence. 

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This solution is for you when:

  • Parts of your business are growing faster than others but you aren’t sure why
  • It's time to stop wasting time and money in areas that no longer matter
  • You're ready to accelerate your decision-making process
  • You only want to invest in activities that drive revenue
  • Maximizing marketing ROI is a priority
  • Your business is in decline

What You Get

  • Clarity on your team's hypotheses for what's hindering your growth using a process that builds alignment and support for the project
  • Data-driven insights revealed through disciplined analysis of your existing data (and new data as needed to prove/disprove hypotheses)
  • A Growth Roadmap that shows you the clear action steps you can take to spark growth in your business
  • Comprehensive report, presentation and workshop to quickly integrate the insights and drive revenue growth


Typical Timing:

3 - 4 Weeks



"Melissa has an incredible ability to unpack strategic choices and build alignment to one clear path forward in a sea of endless viable options. She makes the nebulous concrete and clear."

- Jennifer Nobui, Chief Marketing Officer

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