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Focus Your Resources to Grow Faster

Interested in accelerating your business growth but finding yourself overwhelmed with the prospect of taking on additional responsibilities and activities?

It’s been our experience that sustainable growth comes from doing less, not adding more. Let us show you how.

Using a disciplined approach, together we'll identify untapped growth opportunities and rally your team around clear priorities. You’ll then focus your limited resources and take your business to the next level.  

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This solution is for you when:

  • Priorities are unclear
  • There's a lack of alignment within your team
  • Resources are spread thin, everyone is trying to do too much
  • You're adding priorities to your plan without a mechanism to say no
  • There are too many ideas to choose from and it's distracting your focus

What You Get

  • Clarity and alignment on your goals and current situation
  • Fresh external perspective revealing opportunities and blind spots
  • Clear growth plan with prioritized actions to rally your team around
  • Coaching and guidance for team members new to strategic planning
  • Process for vetting new ideas to keep your plan on track, minimize distraction and accelerate decision-making


Typical Timing:

2 - 6 Weeks


$15,000 - $45,000

"I feel much more confident that we have a plan for the future and are heading in the right direction.  Every time I talked with Melissa, I came away energized, hopeful, and eager for the next step."

- Joe Mauthe, Executive Director

Let’s grow your business

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