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Welcome to Crow & Pitcher LLC

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Do you wish for more time or resources to devote to bigger-picture thinking?

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Ever wonder if your team is working on the right things or has too many ideas?

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Are you ready to focus your limited resources and grow faster?

You've come to the right place.

At Crow & Pitcher LLC, you'll find partners whose expertise is showing mid-size businesses how to innovate, grow, and reinvent themselves to get to the next level.

You'll spend more time flawlessly executing your plan and less time wondering if you're focused on the right things. After all, without a growth strategy, any idea is a good idea.

Our clients find it much easier to prioritize their time, energy and money. Their teams are more focused and aligned so they revisit their plan less often.

You've worked hard to get to where you are today. We'll show you how to break through to the next level.

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Get out of the weeds. Discover untapped growth opportunities. Focus your limited resources on a clear, innovative path with the CROW'S Nest Growth Compass.

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Stop making assumptions. Identify the growth drivers hiding in your data. Deploy your budget and your team with confidence with the Growth Engine Accelerator.

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Don't try to be everything to everyone. Define your unique value proposition. Attract more of your ideal customers with ease with the PITCHER Positioning Power-Up.

Kind Words from Past Clients

Headshot of Jennifer Nobui, CMO

"Melissa has an incredible ability to unpack strategic choices and build alignment to one clear path forward in a sea of endless viable options. She makes the nebulous concrete and clear."

- Jennifer Nobui, Chief Marketing Officer

Joe Mauthe

"I feel much more confident that we have a plan for the future and are heading in the right direction.  Every time I talked with Melissa, I came away energized, hopeful, and eager for the next step.

Melissa brought an insightful and disciplined process to our leadership team that helped us effectively discuss key issues, determine root cause issues, prioritize actions, and use appropriate change management tools to move forward. Melissa is a great listener - really digging in to understand and contribute to our solutions."

- Joe Mauthe, Executive Director

"Working with Crow & Pitcher was a breeze. The final deliverable - the "brand story" of the Knowledge Management function - was compelling and received enthusiastically. I would partner with Crow & Pitcher again in a heartbeat!"

- Julie Noonan, CCMP, Founder/CEO


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