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Crow & Pitcher LLC was founded to make a difference by unlocking revenue growth for businesses whose resources are traditionally focused on short-term execution, but who want or need to GROW faster. It's been our experience, over and over, that individuals tasked with delivering the business day in and day out have a hard time slowing down and stepping back to look at the big picture. Even if they have the skill set to do so.

That was true for our founder, Melissa Jacobs. Throughout her career leading businesses and marketing teams at Kimberly-Clark, she had both execution and strategy-focused roles. While her "zone of genius" lies on the strategic side, she struggled to find time for bigger picture thinking while in execution-focused roles.

It’s our mission to help teams focus their limited resources on the most impactful activities, by taking a bigger picture look at their business without sacrificing the day-to-day. Our signature processes borrow the disciplined problem-solving approaches from science and engineering and apply them to business and marketing challenges, just as our founder has done for over a decade. We use these processes to take the heavy lifting off you and quickly create value in your business. We can be the strategic partner missing from your team. Would you allow us to make a difference and identify the untapped growth potential within your business?

What We Believe

We believe that accelerating growth actually comes from doing less, from being focused. And that starts with Clarity. Clarity on your goals, the state of your business, and a solid understanding of your customers. Using our signature processes, this Clarity leads to strategies and plans that you (and your leaders, owners, or board) have Confidence in. With aligned plans everyone is confident in, you can focus on Consistency in execution. More focus, less swirl. After all, the best strategies and plans mean nothing without execution.

"If I had an hour to solve a problem, I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions." - Albert Einstein

Meet Our Founder

Melissa Jacobs is our founder and lead strategist. Her experience includes over 20 years in strategy, marketing, and innovation roles at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, a Fortune 150 CPG company. She's also had experience at DuPont Chemical Company, Delphi Electronics, and as a board member and consultant in the Non-Profit sector.

With experience as a business leader, marketing leader, product developer, and engineer, she has the unique ability to "speak many languages" and translate across multiple stakeholders. This allows her to quickly deliver results by bridging the gaps that often occur between business leaders, marketers, agencies, engineers, researchers, and customers.

Melissa is particularly skilled at driving clarity from ambiguity, turning complex problems into tangible and deliverable results, storytelling to influence change, and making bold decisions to produce transformational growth. A crowning achievement from her days at Kimberly-Clark includes spearheading the strategy to reinvent the Kleenex® brand facial tissue business to achieve sustainable brand and category growth.

She holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. She is an active member of the Board of Directors at WisconSibs, Inc, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of brothers and sisters of people with disabilities in her adopted home state of Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband, Mike.

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Why Crow & Pitcher?

While Aesop’s fable The Tortoise and The Hare is more famous, there are 12 fables in all. One of which tells the story of The Crow & The Pitcher…. In summary, a thirsty crow comes upon a pitcher with a little water at the bottom. Unfortunately, his beak does not reach it.

Being a smart, innovative problem solver, the crow believes he can figure out a solution and realizes he can pick up pebbles and drop them into the pitcher to raise the water level. After filling the pitcher with pebbles, he achieves his goal and is rewarded with a refreshing drink of water.

Not only is this an age-old fable, but researchers in New Zealand have proven it to be true. Crows possess the traits of perseverance and intelligence and have proven to be strong problem-solvers – they really can figure out the pebble solution to reach the water in the pitcher!

We take inspiration from this story as we also believe in disciplined and creative problem-solving. We like to use those traits to drive business growth, but if you find yourself having trouble drinking from a tall, narrow pitcher, we’d be happy to help you fill it with pebbles too :)

Our Team of Partners

Our team is built to meet your needs in the most flexible manner. We work small to keep your costs down and bring in additional expertise where needed. All of our partners have extensive corporate experience, which they bring to each project, along with their passion to help you grow.

Innovation Management Consultant Karyn Schroeder

Karyn Schroeder

Innovation Management

Karyn brings a breadth and depth of knowledge and lessons learned from a variety of industry verticals: Consumer Packaged Goods, Food and Beverage, Packaging, Education, Consumer Electronics and Non-profits.

She's energized by the challenge of bringing innovative products to market and excels at being the ‘translator’ conduit between innovation, supply chain, and brand teams to ensure strategic business needs are met.

Human Resources Consultant Raisa Ramos

Raisa Ramos

Human Resources

Over her twenty-year professional journey at several Global 500 companies, Raisa’s robust leadership experiences stretch across Engineering, Process Improvement, Project Management, Customer Service and Human Resources.

Born from an innate passion to make a more meaningful impact in others’ lives, she found her true joy in the field of Human Resources, where she focuses on coaching, development, and culture-building for organizations, teams, and individuals.

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