PITCHER Positioning Power-Up

Differentiate Your Marketing and Attract New Customers

Ready to attract more of the right customers to fuel growth in your business?

A successful brand can't be everything to everyone and it's hard to narrow in your positioning to win with your target market.

With a PITCHER Positioning Power-Up, together we'll take a disciplined approach to understanding your business, industry, and the voice of your customers. We'll use those insights to define your unique value proposition. Your customers will see you as the obvious choice and start knocking on your door.

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This solution is for you when:

  • Your marketing efforts are underperforming
  • It's crucial to attract more of the right customers
  • It's time to set your business apart from your competition with refreshed messaging
  • Your potential customers struggle to understand the benefits they'd receive from your product or service

What You Get

  • Ideal customer profile with Voice of the Customer insights
  • Clear marketing goals, in plain English, so non-marketers can easily understand and support
  • Unique Selling Proposition, Values and Imagery to differentiate your business and attract your ideal clients
  • Brand Story rooted in customer benefits to bring your USP to life
  • Marketing plan outline to make it easy to execute your new brand positioning
  • Optional add-on: Agency briefing to accelerate implementation


Typical Timing:

8 - 12 Weeks



"Working with Crow & Pitcher was a breeze. Melissa's expertise, intuition and approach led to a compelling and aspirational brand story that’s already making a difference to change customer behavior."

- Julie Noonan, CEO

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