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Ready to invest in your most valuable marketing tactics and grow your business faster with a streamlined tactical plan? Our prioritization workbook is for you.

You'll be shown how to find your most beneficial tactics in 3 simple steps. And know where to focus your energy and money. Let's do this!

What to Expect Inside

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After completing the 3 input tabs, the output chart displays your strongest tactics, which might or might not be where you’re currently focusing your energy.  

Example output from Prioritization Workbook Tool, from Crow & Pitcher LLC

This tool is for you when:

  • Your budget is tight
  • Your team is overloaded
  • You'd like to have more confidence in your plan
  • You haven't taken an objective look at your plan in a while
  • You have a lot of ideas but aren't sure which ones to prioritize

What people are saying

"This is amazing! It's very timely and relevant for me. I always appreciate an excellent well-formatted and highly intelligent spreadsheet." - Callie, Brand Manager

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Melissa Jacobs is the CEO and Lead Strategist at Crow and Pitcher LLC, an Innovation and Growth Consultancy. Mid-size companies hire Crow & Pitcher to spark transformational growth with data-driven insights and focused strategies, so they can grow more by doing less.

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